The Walmart Strategy to Blog Marketing

Do you know what the #1  reason is for a blog not making it big?

The blogger behind the site has no concrete marketing plan in mind. They spend a lot of time on thinking about the content. But not enough time on how to promote their blog.

Do you know what the #2 reason for a blog dying off is?

Its completely opposite to the number 1 reason of stagnation. The blogger aims to high. They dream of getting featured in the NY Times or on Fox News. And when they just see 10 RSS subscribers in the first month instead of their expected 2000, they start losing hope.  And they soon give up.

(Disclosure: I’ve let websites die before because of both the above reasons.)

Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, an industry leading blog or website isn’t built over a day either.  It needs time and concentrated persistent effort.

We will deal with the #1 reason of website death some other day. Today, we’ll deal with the #2 reason.

The Walmart Strategy to Blog Marketing

In the 1960s and 1970s, companies like KMart were focusing on creating mega super stores near metropolitan cities. But Sam Walton had other ideas. Instead of opening his Walmart stores in big cities, he started focusing on opening his stores in small towns with populations of just 8,000 to 10,000 people!

People in the supermarket industry didn’t pay attention to Sam Walton for the longest time because they couldn’t see why anyone would want to open a store in a town with population of 7,000 instead of in a town with population of 7 million people.  But Sam Walton realized that in towns with low population, there is very little competition. And so, he built his Walmart empire with a store in a small town after another small town.

Action Summary:

  • Aim for achievable goals. An entire empire can be built with achieving smaller goals consistently.
  • Before aiming for NY Times, aim for getting publicity from smaller blogs and newsletters.  Smaller news outlets can be very very lucrative too.

Further Reading:

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