The First Step to Recruiting Affiliates

Big Al Tom Schreiter is a multi level marketing guru. He teaches others how to succeed in a MLM business.

During his Power Marketing workshops, he asks one question to his audience of 60 men and women: “How many of you could recruit 100 affiliates to your down line in the coming one week?”

No one raised their hands to show their “yae.”

So then Tom takes out his check book and his pen and then asks again: “How many of you could recruit 100 affiliates in the coming week if I made a check for $50,000 with your name on it right now?”

About half the audience raises their hands up!

In a mock tone, Tom asks his audience: “What has changed?”

Several answers come up from the audience. $50,000 is a lot of money. For some it meant a year’s income and they would do almost anything to achieve their goals if $50,000 was given to them right now.

Tom asks again:

  • What caused you to go from
  • I can’t
  • to
  • I can
  • in less than a minute?

He receives a few more answers but none are acceptable. Finally Tom answers the question himself: Only one thing changed and that is your:



Lady saying I can do it!

Action Summary:

  • Change your attitude and you’ll change your life. Start out with a can-do attitude and you’ll move mountains.
  • Very rarely will you find anyone to pay $50,000 to you before you start out. You have to pay in advance to succeed in life. You have to sow the seeds before you can reap the benefits.
  • I guarantee you this much: if you follow a good strategy, and invest your time and effort without making excuses – nothing will stop you from succeeding!
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