4 Step SEO Strategy

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Two friends are going through the jungle.  Suddenly they hear a tiger roar behind them. And they both start running.  One friend pauses and starts taking his shoes off.  The other friend asks him: “What are you doing?  Even if you remove your shoes, you won’t be able to out-run the tiger.”

The friend replies, “I don’t need to out-run the tiger, I just need to out-run you.”

The same applies for SEO.  You don’t need to beat every website ever made.  You just need to beat the websites in your field.

Step by Step Search Engine Optimization Strategy

  1. Do keyword research. Figure out what keywords your audience uses to find your solution.
  2. Create content for these keywords.
  3. Find out the number and type of backlinks the top ranking pages have for each of these keywords.
  4. Create a backlink strategy to beat them.

In the coming weeks, I’ll break own and provide details for each of the above 4 steps.  I’ll elaborate on exactly what tools and techniques to use to make this task easier and less time consuming.

But in the mean time, I would love to hear your questions that you may have on SEO.  So please ask your SEO questions in the comments.

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