Turn every page of your website into a profit center

  1. You signup and implement the SuccessNexus Affiliate Management Solution
  2. People start promoting any and every page of your website by adding
    ?u=name@email.com at the end of the URLs
  3. You reward them for generating more traffic, leads and sales for you

Why use SuccessNexus?

Works with any website

Blogs. Forums. Static websites. PHP. ASP. Rails. WordPress. Joomla. Drupal. Every. Web. Site.

Ease of Implementation

Its as simple as implementing Google Analytics. Place a javascript code on all your pages and you are done.


Massive SEO Benefits

Use your own domain name and retain all the SEO juice you'll get when affiliates promote you.

Flexible Affiliate Models

Pay per lead. Pay per sale. Share Google Adsense revenue with affiliates.


No Upfront Cost

Signup for free. And pay a small percentage only after transactions.


Give more power to your affiliates

Affiliates can promote any page

Affiliates can add
?u=name@email.com at the end of any page of your website to start promoting it.

No limit on number of affiliates

Because more affiliates = more profits, we don't limit the number of affiliates you can have.


No affiliate signup process

There are no barriers or hoops people have to jump through before they can start promoting you.

Promotional material galore

You can easily provide various banners, buttons, adwords ads, articles, email templates and more to your affiliates.


Painless affiliate payment

We provide you with a file that you can upload to your PayPal account and pay all the affiliates once a month.


Pay per sale affiliate program & shopping cart

Sell unlimited products

You don't have to pay a fee for every product that you sell. Sell as many products as you like.

Accept donations

Allow your visitors to set their own price. And pay a % of that to affiliates as commission.


Recurring Billing Supported

Sell memberships and subscriptions and pay affiliates on a recurring basis.

Secure digital product delivery

You can deliver ebooks and other digital products automatically and securely to the buyers.


Portable shopping cart widget

Affiliates can showcase your products on their websites, blogs, facebook and other social media profile pages.


Pay per lead affiliate program features

Unlimited lead generation forms

Create forms and surveys and pay affiliates for every qualified submission or lead they generate.

Pay bonuses

If a lead turns to a sale, give a bonus to the affiliate who bought in the lead.


Pay for opt-in subscribers

Run newsletters and pay affiliates for every confirmed subscriber that they refer to you.


Google Adsense Revenue Sharing

Share ad revenue

Share Adsense revenue from the extra traffic that the affiliates send to your website.

Google handles payment

Google will handle click fraud activities and directly pay your affiliates for the traffic they generate.

Pro Features: Email & Autoresponder Management

Seamless integration with products & forms

Newsletters integrate seamlessly with the products you sell and the forms and surveys you create.

Unlimited autoresponders

Create unlimited number of newsletters and autoresponders and segment your subscribers.


Unlimited sequencing of emails

Schedule an unlimited number of emails that are sent out automatically at set intervals.

Send broadcast emails

Send stand alone broadcast emails to your subscribers updating them with news and other information.


Whitelisting & spam prevention

We make sure that your emails don’t get stuck in the spam filters of major ISPs and reach their intended audience.

Competitive pricing

Pricing for these pro features start at $15 a month for every 1000 subscribers.